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Based in Ottawa, Ontario, the Cat Rescue Network is a group of volunteers working to rescue stray and abandoned cats. The Cat Rescue Network’s motto is “until there is none, save one.” We live out this motto by responding to emergencies and taking cats off the street. We do not have a facility; all the cats we rescue live with volunteer foster families, where they begin to receive the love and medical attention they deserve.

Louise Hindle is the founder of the Cat Rescue Network. Here she holds Purrl Dagurrl. Photo by Emma Lovell.

Founded in 1999, the Cat Rescue Network is one of Ottawa’s longest-running cat rescues. Louise Hindle, the founder of Cat Rescue Network, had been involved in animal rescue for over 20 years and wanted to set up a network of people who help cats and find them a loving home. Louise also wanted to encourage animal rescues to help one another by sharing resources – this precipitated the name Cat Rescue “Network.” We often work with start-up animal rescues to ensure they have the tools and information necessary to begin humanely helping the animal population.