Adopt a cat

Each animal we rescue needs a ‘forever home.’ Adoptions create openings in foster care, allowing us to take in other cats or kittens in need. The cats and kittens available for adoption are ready to become loving members of your family.

CRN makes every effort to place only healthy cats/kittens, but cannot guarantee the extended health of any cat/kitten or be responsible for any post-adoption medical expenses that may be incurred.

All our foster cats live in foster families’ homes, so potential adopters can have a good sense of their personality in a stress-free environment, and can talk to the foster parent to learn more about the cat or kitten.

We often think of our adoptions as a match-making service because we go to great lengths to ensure that the cat up for adoption will suit the people and/or animals in their potential forever home.

Our adoption process

Adopting a cat is a lifetime commitment to provide food, shelter, companionship, and veterinary care. We screen potential adopters to find the right fit for their potential adoptee so that it can truly be the kitty’s forever home.

Step 1 – Adoption form

Email us the first page of our adoption form or submit our online form, listing whatever cats/kittens you may be interested in.

Step 2 – Meet and greet

Meet the cat and the foster family, usually virtually.

Step 3 – Home visit

If both the potential adopter and foster think the cat/kitten would be a good match, a virtual home visit is set up to ensure the cat/kitten will go into a safe and nurturing environment.

Step 4 – Adoption!

If all goes well, the adopter will complete the adoption contract and payment, and the adopter and foster will coordinate the transfer of the cat/kitten.

Adoption Fee – Contribution toward vetting

The adoption fee contributes towards, but does not offset all CRN’s veterinary expenses, which include the following:

  • vaccinations
  • parasite treatment
  • microchip
  • spay/neuter
  • other necessary medical care
Rate schedule*DomesticPurebred
Kitten (under 24 weeks)$345$445
Two kittens (under 24 weeks)$640$790

* Declawed cats are an additional $50. We are against declawing cats. All of the cats available for adoption which are declawed have come to us in that condition.