How to trap with a carrier

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Frequently more than one cat has to be trapped at the same time. This is particularly important when trapping a mother and/or kittens. Under these circumstances, a regular trap is not practical. This is the carrier trapping method we use.

It would be best if you used a large carrier (not a trap), and put plastic over the top and down the sides to keep the rain from blowing in.

Next, you need to wedge the carrier someplace where the cats cannot flip it or stake the carrier, like a tent is staked to keep it tight. You stake the carrier at the front two sides and the back two sides. Be careful to ensure the stakes will not interfere with the door movement.

Next, you take a rope, preferably a small nylon rope (because it is strong) of about 25 feet in length. You tie the rope on the second square at the top of the carrier door (again to make sure the rope doesn’t interfere with the door closing. Then you run the rope into the carrier and out of the side hole near the top (make sure the rope is tied on the closing side of the door). Then you take the rope 15 to 20 feet away near something you can somewhat hide behind.

Let the cats go in and out freely, and only feed them smelly food in the carrier.

Once the cats get used to eating the food there, a mother will bring her kittens to eat as well, or two cats will go in together.

When all the cats you want to trap are in the carrier simultaneously, quickly pull the rope and hold it until they settle. Then, still keeping the rope taunt, you walk it up. Secure the door before you let the rope loosen – staking ensures the carrier does not slip when you pull the rope.

Cover the carrier with a blanket or sheet to make the cats feel secure, and bring them to the veterinarian in the carrier.